Production Planner, Italy

I have been working in LU-VE since 2019. I first dealt with timeframes and methods and lean process improvement. Now I am a programmer and I plan production. I moved from individual work to much more team work, with a much larger network of contacts. The complexity increases but so too does the opportunity to learn more things about different areas of the company and business processes.  

How do you experience change in your workplace and in your life? 

The business and global environment has confronted us with many changes, also in the way we work from an operational point of view.  Programming is a world that is by nature resistant to change, but the process we are experiencing demands it. The challenge is to understand how to welcome it, manage it and communicate it. In my life, change has always been a constant that allows me to improve.

How would you define your role using 3 words?

Challenging, engaging and satisfying!